Saturday, June 1, 2013

Sonlight World History Part 1 set (Core 6 now Core G) **Sold**

 photo 71a9ac2b-92a9-439e-8e4f-0e1e6d8aad6d_zps12c662a6.jpg 

**Sold***I have an almost complete Sonlight World History Part 1 - Core 6 (now called core G) set for sale. This set is in like new condition.  The copyright date is 2004 and annually 2005-2009 and I purchased it new from Sonlight in 2009.  The books are in like-new condition, several were never read and two books still have plastic wrap on them.

The IG is set inside a dark blue Sonlight binder and has tabs.  The only markings in the IG are pencil check-marks on the schedule for 4 weeks, the other weeks are all clean with no markings. (I will erase the pencil check-marks)

To complete this set, you will need these books which are missing:  Mystery of the Roman Ransom, Black Horses for the King, The World of Columbus and Sons, Mary-bloody Mary, The Phantom Tollbooth, The Shakespeare Stealer.  (you will also want to order the timeline book and timeline figures-not in my set)

 photo bd084fbb-7fa6-4975-8c4c-49a5d9108cc6_zps602356d9.jpg These are the books scheduled in this core and included in my set:

International children's Bible Field Guide *The Story of the World:Ancient Times *The Usborne Encyclopedia of World History *The Kingdom Strikes Back  *Augustus Caesar's World  *The Story of the World: The Middle Ages  *Mara, Daughter of the Nile  *Hittite Warrior  *D'Aulaire's Book of Greek Myths *Theras and his town *Archimedes and the door of Science *The Ides of April *The Bronze Bow *The Beduin's Gazelle *The Samurai's Tale *The Great and Terrible Quest *Adam of the Road *A proud taste for Scarlet and Miniver *Catherine, called Birdy *Shadow of a Bull *Leonardo da Vinci *Luther:Biography of a reformer *The Golden Goblet *Favorite Poems old and new *God King *The Trojan War *The Eagle of the Ninth *Beyond the Desert gate *Flame over Tara *Single Shard *Otto of the Silver Hand *Master Cornhill *I, Juan de Pareja *The Second Mrs. Giaconda *The Westing Game
Plus the Instructor's guide (IG) dark blue binder and tabs. I will also include The Story of The World Vol 1 Tests and answer key book, not part of the core- if you would like it. (not priced in this set)

Favorite Poems Old and New is a hardback book and the dust-jacket has some shelf-wear.  The books God King and Hittite Warrior are still in plastic wrap.

 photo 45782626-c155-4075-b956-5b03b017fb3b_zps4496c5ec.jpg

This set is not the Core G currently for Sale at Sonlight, but is the edition prior and was called Core 6. It is comparable to their Core G and most of the books are the same.

I paid $478 for this set, which included a club discount for buying previous cores.

 I am offering this gently used set for $150 plus $30 for UPS shipping.  Shipping only to continuous U.S. addresses.  If you are in the Orange County area, I would be willing to meet you and take off the shipping price.

I take paypal.  You can see this set for sale also over at The Well-trained mind boards and see my member history there.

thank you for looking :)

you can leave a comment here, or email me at with any questions and to get my paypal address. 

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Sonlight Core 100 -American History In-depth **sold**

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 ***this set is sold****

I am offering A *partially complete package of Sonlight Core 100 -American History in-depth.  This has a publish date of 1992 and annually 1993-2010 by Sonlight Curriculum Ltd and was ordered new by me Sept. of 2009. *this is the edition right before the current revised edition Sonlight sells now.

these books listed are *not included in my bundle and would be needed to be purchased to complete the core:
  • The Landing of the Pilgrims -Landmark
  • Traitor: The case of Benedict Arnold
  • Farewell to Manzanar
  • Indian Captive: The story of Mary Jemison
  • Red Badge of Courage
  • To kill a Mockingbird
  • A year down yonder
  • Slopes of War
also not included and not ordered as part of the set are the History Of US Books by Hakim  (Sonlight offered this core with or without the Hakim books)

this packages is in like new condition and was gently used by one student, some books were not read at all.  The Instructor's book is inside the SL binder, includes the week tabs and has no markings.   One book, Peace Child has a bend in the cover.

these are the books included in this bundle:
*Bible Study Sample *Why Pray? *God's will, God's Best *Evidence for Jesus *The Bible Jesus Read *Peace Child *Streams to the River, River to the Sea  *Sequoyah and the Cherokee Alphabet  *Dragon's Gate *Bonanza Girl *The Panama Canal *Christy *Moonshiner's Son *The Cross and the Switchblade *Cameron Townsend *A Treasury of Poetry for Young People *Stink Alley *Amos Fortune, Free Man *Rip Van Winkle *A Gathering of Days *The Adventures of Tom Sawyer *Bound for Oregon *Sounder *The Call of the Wild *After the Dancing Days *Nothing to Fear *Out of the Dust *Blue Willow *From the Mixed-up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankenweiler *My side of the mountain *maniac Magee *Dear Mr. Henshaw *The Green Book
plus the teacher's IG/tabs/binder. 

 photo b5944e74-343c-4d8b-90c8-eb81ed859c1e_zps23cb8b7f.jpg

I paid $364.09 for this bundle, which included a Core Club discount.  I am offering this set at $195.00 which includes shipping in the continuous U.S. only.  If you are in the So. Ca area and can meet me in the Orange County area, I will deduct  $15 for shipping.  This is a smoke-free home.

I take paypal.  You can email me at  mail2homeis (at) gmail dot com .  You can also find this listing and my rating over at the Well Trained Mind boards.

thank you for looking :)

Horizons Math Grade 4 teacher manual and student book 2

I am offering a teacher's edition of Horizons Math grade 4 (Alpha Omega publisher) this book is a paperback and covers both book 1 and 2 of grade 4.  Book is in gently used condition with some shelf-wear.  This teacher's manual sells for $49.95 at the publisher's site, I am offering it for $22 paid postage, media mail, continuous U.S. only.

 photo 7a7a6245-bc16-4a7b-95c3-8ba7cf2c761d_zpsdc5deb66.jpg 

I also have a brand-new Horizon's Math grade 4 student workbook, book 2 (the second half of year 4).  I ordered it for my bonus student, but he went to public school this year.  Book is brand-new, no wear, no markings, no missing pages. It is bent a little from sitting on the shelf.  This workbook sells for $18.85 at the publisher's site, but I am offering it for $10 postage paid, media mail, continuous U.S. only.  **Student book is sold***

you can see my listings and rep over at the Well Trained Mind boards you can email me at
mail2homeis (at) gmail (dot) com
I take paypal

thanks for looking :)

High School Art course books / study aids

I am offering one paperback The Annotated Mona Lisa for $7 paid postage- media mail, continuous U.S. only.    ***this set is sold***

 photo 10a265c6-2948-4abb-8404-acdda680818d_zps23e129ed.jpg 

offering one paperback edition Barron's Ap Art History, 2nd Edition -this edition does Not have a c.d.  $5 postage paid, media mail, continuous U.S. only.  ***this set is sold***

both books are in barely used condition, no writing or damage.  I take paypal.  You can see my post and other info over at the Well-Trained Mind boards.  Thanks for looking :)